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My name is Evgeny Bodyagin. I am the author dsprog.pro.
About me: analyst/programmer with 13 years of experience.

Stack and methods used:
— Neural networks, API GPT /artificial intelligence/, Regression trees, Random Forest, Gradient boosting, XGBoost, Nearest neighbors method, Robust estimation methods, Linear regression;
— Python, Golang;
— PyTorch, Keras;
— multiprocessing and multithreading, high speeds;
— neural networks on the GPU;
— creation of bots for data analysis;
— creation of trading bots for crypto-exchanges;
— association rules;
— search for relationships;
— adaptive models of time series.

dsprog.pro (DS&P) is dedicated to Data Science and programming.
Distribution of materials from dsprog.pro is warmly welcome (with a link to the source).

Сontent of this resource can be divided into two parts.
– First part consists exclusively of our own developments.
– Second part consists of extensively revised and adapted materials.


Collaboration with the author, joint development, download of materials / data available in the repositories Gogs(git):

System for collecting, monitoring and analyzing real estate market data.
The web version of Searcher /Searcher/ is presented for the secondary apartment market in Tyumen.
Data processing frequency is every 5 minutes.


  • Diploma of professional retraining PP-I No. 206599 dated 2010.02.02 under the program “Evaluation of the value of an enterprise (business)” issued by the State Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education Tyumen State University.
  • Auditor qualification certificate No. K024453 issued 2005.09.05 No. 222 (general audit).
  • Qualification certificate of a professional accountant No. 163056 dated 04.12.2003 No. 11
  • Certificate 1C: PROFESSIONAL “Trade Management” of the program system “1C: Enterprise 8”. Registration number PUT880012952 dated 2007.10.15.
  • Certificate 1C: PROFESSIONAL for knowledge of the basic mechanisms of “1C: Enterprise 8”. Registration number PP880020479 dated 2007.10.15.


Telegram: cryptosensors
e-mail: ebodyagin@gmail.com
vk: evgbodyagin